Monday, April 30, 2012

Etsy Store Update

It might change in the future, but for now I've settled on the banner you see above as my storefront image. 

There has been much progress! Unfortunately it's all been behind the scenes... So far I've only been listing items that will be for sale as 'drafts' which on Etsy basically means that I can see it but no one else can. I want to get some prints done to make sure they look magically delicious before offering them for sale, which means that I need to find the original files (amongst the many burned CDs I have lying around), format them for printing and actually get them printed. There was a plan to at least print the ones I have already formatted (around 30) but that's been delayed due to a color problem I'm having with Photoshop. It's been saving jpgs with really high contrast and saturation. :( From what I've googled it sounds somewhat easy to fix on PC but on Mac you never know if it will work the same. 

Once I do have some of them printed, I will take pretty pictures of the prints framed and matted and on the wall, to make them oh so much more appealing. I also want to have shipping supplies on hand for when the items go live just in case people actually want to buy stuff. :P

More updates soon, thanks for reading!

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