Monday, April 16, 2012

Creating an Etsy Store

Hey there readers!

I'm working on getting an Etsy store set up for the sale of original drawings, paintings and sketches as well as prints, all by yours truly. There are still some details to work out, I can already tell that figuring out shipping pricing is going to be FUN.  :/

I'm using the name Adorkable Doodles for the shop, which, if you've been following for awhile you might remember was the title of a book design I was working on back in 2009. Oh how the time flies. Here's what that looked like if you haven't seen it before:

I think I'll probably clean the design up a bit, maybe make some smallish changes, and probably add some color before that will become the storefront design.

Once I've got some things listed in the store I'll post another update, keep watching!


Ashesela said...

Very pretty!!! I love that butterfly! :D

Heidi Schwartz said...